greyhounds need your click now

We have got a petition on the number 10 website for greyhounds. Never let it be said that we left the dogs to the mercy of a gambling business because we were told to by a member of the House of Lords who was acting as a consultant for that business. The way he put it was profit comes before welfare. Any regulations about welfare were “aspirational”. So, if any of you want to join us in poking a stick into this so-called democratic process, here is the website address.

Spread the word and let’s hear it for these poor beasts, bred in their thousands, every year, with never a thought for their wellbeing – just their speed.
Incidentally, when Jilly Cooper and I tried to present a petition into No. 10, accompanied by our pet greyhounds, we were told that we couldn’t take the dogs with us because it would be “disrespectful”.
They’re depending on you. All you have to do is click.


11 responses to “greyhounds need your click now

  1. But they allow rats in Number 10! Why would greyhounds be disrespectful?

  2. Thank you for drawing our attention to the petition. Happy to sign it but the wording is just so complex!


  3. But they allow rats in Number 10! Why would greyhounds be disrespectful?

  4. I’ve signed and I’ve adopted as many dogs as I’m allowed to – just wish I could do more.

  5. It’s wonderful that over 1100 people from all works of life have signed the petition – the more the merrier!

  6. Annette you are an inspiration. I raise awareness of the cruelty of the racing industry and the mindless acts of torture inflicted on these placid beautiful creatures every second of every day. You alone have done more for greyhound welfare than any group or individual, you have brought awareness into the public arena, for that I thank you eternally. Please never stop.

  7. Saw the link to the petition onTia’s website and was more than happy to sign. Asked friends to sign as well, which they have. Thank you for helping to draw attention to this important petition. Carol and Tipper the greyhound

  8. We need a campaign that would force all owners of racing greyhounds to simply insure their dogs so they could be properly treated if they hurt themselves rather than just being pts – it’s not rocket science and wouldn’t cost that much in the great scheme of things. I too have four beauties and would would love more.

  9. Disrespectful? Good grief! Disrespectful to whom? The PM? I have more respect for greyhounds than I do for him! 😉

    Sorry but I missed the deadline for your petition. I do hope it works. We just don’t seem to be listened to any more.

  10. Read the petition, and think your cause is wonderful! Here in the United States animal cruelty is awful! I only wish we had more people like you willing to bring this to our governments attention! Don’t stop being their voice!

    Lesley Miller, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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