About Annette Crosbie

One of Britain’s best loved actresses, Annette Crosbie was born in Scotland and went on to win a scholarship to study at The Old Vic Theatre School. Annette went on the Comedy theatre in London. She appeared in plays at the Royal Court, the Mermaid Theatre, the West End before concentrating on television to enable her to care for her two young children. Two BAFTAs later she went on to win the hearts of national TV audiences as the long suffering wife of Victor Meldrew in the BBC hit series, ‘One Foot in the Grave’.

Annette now spends much of her time campaigning vigourously for the welfare of racing greyhounds and has had 6 greyhounds of her own since the start of her campaigning work. Annette is happy to have been able to use her TV profile to raise awareness of this problem.

Annette is the co-founder of Greyhounds UK which campaigns for the welfare of racing greyhounds on and off the track and into their retirement.  She is patron of Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare and supports numerous other greyhound rehoming charities across the UK.  She is also the President of the League Against Cruel Sports.


6 responses to “About Annette Crosbie

  1. Trooper is a 9yr old ex wimbledon dog (noirs seanie) who now in his retirement in Plymouth hosts a monthly walk for greyhounds and their well behaved owners. He looks forward to meeting new friends and would love to meet Anette or other supporters should they find themselves in Plymouth

  2. Keep up the great work, Annette! I also have six adopted greyhounds and would have more if I possibly could. I have recently joined the CPG-AW in the Scottish Parliament to raise the greyhound voice there – I was shocked to find that in spite of the presence of reps from Dogs Trust, League against Cruel Sports, SSPCA, Canine Defence etc, the greyhound issues have not been voiced in the SP at all in recent years. I am currently trying in my scarce spare time, to gather evidence of the issues in Scotland, as the minister in charge of welfare claims there is no greyhound welfare problem in Scotland – would be funny if it wasnt so tragic! I and some colleagues who all volunteer with our local greyhound rescue, have formed GRIT (Greyhound Racing Improvement Team) to lobby for welfare improvements in devolved legislation and hope to bring a petition before the SP later this year and to push for the scottish govt to at least catch up with England/Wales on greyhound welfare legislation. The intention is to try to launch the petition with as much publicity as we can muster, we have discussed the possibility of a march down the Royal Mile with greyhounds, and hopefully the presence of supportive celebrities. Needless to say, we hope to invite you as our star guest!

  3. I would just like to thank you for all your work you do to help and promote the pligh of Greyhounds and how good hey are as pets. My husband and I have just become foster parents, we had a love girl Cindy for 10 days she was just terrified of people. I know see she has been reserved. We are hoping to go to Hersham tomorrow to foster another.

  4. Gerard Rehder

    Hay annette is there a way to email you please.

  5. Julie Richardson nee MacDonald

    Do you remember the Quartet from Rigoletto at Boroughmuir so long ago? Have followed your career ever since

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